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Jan 27, 2008

A New Adventure

So, I've started a new blogging adventure. I've recently created a Eugene Wine Guide blog. Visit me at


Aug 13, 2007

A little bit about me

I've been tagged by my professor Kelli Matthews to blog a eight random facts about myself. (Picture to Left: Me and and the boyfriend hiking Spencers Butte)

Here's a little about me:

1. I started at the University of Oregon as a music major with emphasis in trumpet performance. Now I'm currently pursuing a journalism degree with emphasis in Public Relations. I've played for trumpet for 10 years now.

2. I've never owned a dog. I can't wait until I own my own home so I can actually have one!

3. My little sister, Kelsey Ivey, followed me to the University of Oregon and will start working towards a journalism degree in September.

4. I've always wanted to go to Australia. Once I graduate, I will find a way to move over there! (Even if only for a few years.)

5. At the end of spring term and beginning of summer, I was working three jobs and going to school. Yuck! (I'll never do that again.)

6. I love hiking- but only on sunny days and when there's a great view at the top!

7. I check my email and Facebook religiously, even when I'm on vacation! I think I'm addicted.

8. I cant wait to graduate! Only two more terms.

That's me!

Now I tag eight more bloggers: AJ Swoboda, Tyler Andersen, Jason Williams, Luke Sumner, Denny.

Jul 17, 2007

Mom, can I read a rated R blog?

Mingle2 has created a just-for-fun tool that determines the parental rating of your blog, website, Facebook profile, etc.

Apparently my blog is rated G. Hm, good to know. The tool reports that the word "stab" is written in my blog and is of concern. Interesting...

Not that this tool can be taken very seriously; however, imagine what this could mean in the future.

Check it out.

Online Dating

Mingle2 - Online Dating

Jul 16, 2007

Always Talk to Strangers

This morning I listened to a great podcast on the Forward Blog about establishing your personal brand. The podcast interviews Mitch Joel, president of Twist Image. I highly recommend this podcast because of the great advice it offers PR students and new professionals.

Mitch Joel discusses the importance of talking to strangers with no hidden agenda or specific purpose. So introduce yourself and chat with neighbors, taxi drivers, friends, co-workers, church members, professors, baristas...anyone you come in contact with! These connections can help you down the road when you need a new job or need outside assistance for a PR campaign. He advices to invest in these relationships now. (I love it!)

So forget mom's advice and start talking to strangers!

(Mitch also outlines three action items for establishing your personal brand at the end of the podcast. It's excellent advice- check it out! I'm going to give it a shot and report back later.)

Jul 6, 2007

Summer in Eugene

Well summer is finally here, and this is my first summer in Eugene. So far the weather has been wonderful! (It's quite a bit warmer than Olympia, Washington). Now that I've moved, started a new internship and am back from church camp, I'm back to blogging world.

This summer I am working for United Way of Lane County helping to promote In the past, information and referral (I & R) was done by poking through the phone book or or person to person contact. As of yesterday, Lane County now has it's very own online information directory. Community members now can easily FIND HELP and also GIVE HELP. It's exciting.

Need assistance with a medical bill? Want to find an after school program for your kids? Struggling to pay the electric bills? 211Lane compiles contact information for hundreds social service agencies that help OUR community.

The other half of the database compiles local volunteer opportunities. Want to give back to community? Volunteer at a soup kitchen, chat with with the elderly, care for pets? Check out all the great opportunities. Help is needed!

Jun 12, 2007

Breaking outside of the blogging box

Blogs can take on many different forms. They can be used for rants, a forum for specific topics, be the primary website for a group, or be a useful tool for class projects.

Here are a few examples of non-traditional blog formats:

Eugene Faith Center Middle School Group has used Blogger to create it's primary web page. The blog contains information about meeting times, upcoming events, recent videos and even brochure downloads.

What I find great about this format is that it creates dialogue between middle schoolers, adults and leaders. Viewers can leave comments about any post, which are usually upcoming events. The site is fairly new, but comments are picking up.

Recently, I used Blogger for a online geology class assignment. The professor requested a Word document with hyperlinks embedded; however, I asked if a blog would meet the assignment objectives. It was easy to supply the information about Great Sand Dunes National Park, post pictures of the geographical features and supply outside links.

Blogs are easy to use, easy to update and provide great information. Businesses, groups or individuals who are technically challenged might find blogs easier to maintain than a full web site. Anyone can do it!

These are only two creative uses of blogs out there. What other non-traditional blogs have you seen? I'd love to check them out.